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Obsidian Sanctum

10 Man (1/1)

[x] Cleared

25 Man (1/1)

[x] Cleared


10 Man (15/15)

[x] Full Clear

25 Man (15/15)

[x] Full Clear

Eye of Eternity

10 Man (0/1)


25 Man (0/1)

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Other Guild News

Heroic Naxx Cleared!

addictedx2u, Dec 16, 08 12:29 AM.
Congrats to everyone who got gear and thank you all for your hard work! We've cleared Naxx...finally.  ALMOST one shotted Kel'thuzad but damn that 1% wipe.  So it took 2 tries instead! Good job on heals for Sappharion, all you guys are awesome healers and although we lost all the melee that fight....we still did it!


Military quarter down!

addictedx2u, Dec 15, 08 9:54 AM.
Finally after almost 3 weeks of having no priests...we finally managed to get a couple to log on so we could finally clear the military quarter! So 13/15 now with Sappharion and KT soon!

Construct Quarter cleared!

addictedx2u, Dec 12, 08 7:27 PM.
Okay so I'm a bit late in updating the website since we've been so busy with raiding 25 mans and 10 mans...etc.  Anyway, posting a screenshot of only Thaddius cause I'm too lazy and tired at the moment to post more.

More Horde firsts!

addictedx2u, Dec 2, 08 4:54 AM.
More horde firsts for Akatsuki! Congrats on everyone who got loot! Plague wing cleared and Sartharion defeated! Screenshots =D

4 Horde side firsts =D

addictedx2u, Nov 30, 08 10:44 PM.
Congrats to all the people that received loot from our first WOTLK 25 man.  First horde guild to clear the spider wing and do Noth.  Let's keep this up

So-and-so has logged on!